Sunday 30 March 2014

Hot steppers today ft Capleton Fantan Mojah & Luciano

Okay, so Fantan made me laugh this week, and danced his way into my heart, Luci has long since loved the 'dressing up box', switching his appearance from Chinaman to Colonial explorer back to Rastaman..and Capleton will always be the 'Fireman' amidst this..they state thier video case.. on top the Pyramids..which can only mean one thing...
Hot Tune!!

Remember this?..
Used to be hot hot hot, with that cool bass line

But it was that Medley of stars..that I loved most...calling Morgan heritage+
My top line was..
'love is the only solution .. can stop a revolution, Just free da mediation.. from war an illusion..'
then straight into M.H.. sweet

*My post title brought to mind Ini Kamoze.. remember him?

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