Monday 3 March 2014

*Bob's not a builder.. but a W***er

* Not his real name

I wasn't expecting him. But the 'builder' turned up today.

He's supposed to be fitting a kitchen. So things are kinda out of place there now.. and that.. is hard for me to deal with.
Apparently he arrived this morning, and left about 4.30.
The sum total of his work today was to remove a cupboard.
But what he's done is taken the old cupboard out ( thankfully just the one for now) and put a new one in it's place, yet if you check, he's left a gaping hole in the floor.

I'm no builder.. but that aint right.

I'm no builder... but I'm pretty sure he's supposed to fill that 'cavern',and ensure the surface of the floor is okay, before putting a new cupboard in its place.

I'm no builder...but what I am, is so pissed off right now.
I'm pissed off because, 'just what is it about some individuals that they can't be bothered to do a proper job'. What's with the shoddy 'cant be arsed' attitude. Oh.. hang on.. am I supposed to be so grateful that I'll accept this shitty workmanship.

Now..I'm gonna have to talk to him about it. Tell him he needs to sort it.
He'll offer up some excuse, and i'll be disgusted
Why do I have to tell a grown arse man that he needs to do his job properly.
Why can't I just rely on him to do it.. have faith that he'll do his best

Why is it that some people struggle to just do the right thing. I dont want shoddy. Thanks.. but no thanks. I just want what I asked for.
I don't deserve anything less. So what the arse is he playing at?. Did he come along .. see a youngster (Ti)and think.. I can take the piss here.
..Like mechanics and women?.

I heard this over the weekend, it reminded me of when me and Ti had our Green day thing going on.

In the grand scheme of things my complaint is minor. But there's something about the lack of care that gets me.. that lack of care is transferable.. Its not the kitchen.. it's that.


  1. Right now we are ripping out 1/4 of our basement because the last person who lived here did a shit job of putting in the downstairs bathroom. One thing they did was cover the drain (that all basements have) with tile. They also never secured the pipes to the wall and the shaking of the washing machine eventually caused the line to split. That is just the beginning of the hundreds of things the previous owner did wrong. It is hard to keep calm when people do a poor job as a way to cut corners and save money.

  2. That's sounds like a nightmare Birdie
    I used to watch a show called cowboy builders, and I've often heard people complain, so I know It's not uncommon.,. but it's still irritating nonetheless right.?.Ugh

  3. I'm sick of telling workman how to do their jobs. I mean I'm no expert but they just seem to bodge everything up so they can get home for tea. :D

  4. lol!.. i didn't even realize he was coming that day.. he must have got wind that I bought a jumbo pack of PG Tips from Lidl.
    Jeesh.. If I was anyway handy.. but I'm not gifted that way ( and don't enjoy it). so I need 'em :D