Wednesday 26 March 2014

Mid week melody - It's Diamond

Good morning.
I'm feeling kinda tired today, but hoping to feel rejuvenated soon

Diamond has a nice voice
I've not heard him before..I take it he's from Tanzania



I dont know what he's saying here, but I translate to something like...

'Don't worry my darling.. things will get better soon I promise!. All those things I promised you when we got married, they will come.. by gods grace.. and my hard work. Please don't leave me for that other guy.. you know.. the rich Nigerian one who didn't lie about his fortunes.. stay with me.. our love is strong and we can overcome all are the most beautiful girl in the world.. and every day i will tell you so..'

then later she says..

'Uhuh.. yet everyday I go hungry!..
Yeah, i'll stick with you a few months more, but if things don't get better.. I have to be honest Joe.. I'll be heading back to my parents home.. and hope they help me find a new man!'.
I wont lie.. I'm fed up of this shit.. your crops failing an shit.. year after year they fail...whilst the neighbour's corn grows big and strong!. No.. until you start earning, they've be no more love making, and believe me when I say, I have a passport on standby, and my good friend Dawna sent me an Oyster card for when I get to London
I'm loyal.. yeah, but I've got to think about what's best for me..just like you did'.. lol!!

Then.. after she left.. he headed for the bar, and fell in love with the barman

Okay..I really need to get to work don't I.. :)


  1. You're introducing me to lots of new music ~ I'm enjoying the ride! I keep hearing the Pharrell Williams' - Happy everywhere now. Heard it first on your blog. I hope you are feeling rejuvenated!

    1. Feeling good Fundy :)
      I enjoy sharing
      Plus I discover new artists and music myself all the time.. I love it!

  2. You're right - Diamond has a wonderful voice. I could listen to him all day!

    1. me too Sherry .. has a warm quality to it!