Saturday 1 March 2014

This post is not about Uganda

In addition to Uganda's Anti Homosexuality Act, they also have an Anti-Pornography Bill, which bans miniskirts and sexually suggestive material such as some music videos. ( cover up ladies.. and put that belly away Rick Ross!)

In case you are wondering..

We had a discussion in class recently that began to get a little heated, with some saying homosexuality is anti African, and others saying homosexuality has been practiced across Africa, even before European invasion.

It is upsetting for some, and despite being told that people do what they do and just don't talk about it as a result of fear - the response can be, as it was then .. ' I don't accept that.. no'.

It was becoming a painful conversation . We were discussing Identity, Revivalism, and Fundamentalism, and to witness someone defend thier identity, in the face of deconstruction is hard.

Anyway, I'm yet to really discover what Ugandas bill actually states, but what I find quite interesting is the graphic style of this particular tabloid papers headlines. The only paper I can liken the headlines to here (UK) is the Daily Sport ( is that still in print!?!)
The Newspaper I'm referring to is..

Red Pepper.

Lets face it..Sex sells. Taboos sell
People tend to be voyeuristic.. true?
But for what has been termed a 'conservative' counrty isn't it interesting that such a sexy and harsh paper sells like hot cakes?
Will this style of journalism be banned.. should it?

It treads a very fine line between inciting violence and intimidation, hatred and humour.
e.g I struggle to say or read the word 'Bonk' .. and not smile.
Yet.. it's attached to a string of quite serious words.. and a serious accusation.. that's not funny at all, even worse if untrue.
Can trial by Newspaper ever be right?

Who's Otti?!

Perhaps these headlines simply satisfy suppressed sexual desires and voyeurism..

As I said..This post is not about Uganda, or even homosexuality
rather, it's about how we police, construct, include and exclude, both our own, and others Identities..
and the attempt to stop Identities ( which cannot be fixed ) doing what they've always done..

I think


  1. In my observation over a lifetime, the most conservative and fundamentalist countries/people are always the biggest hypocrites, seething with all the "sins" they accuse others of committing. ALWAYS.

  2. That's a very interesting observation Debra..

  3. Those headlines! I have a friend from Nigeria and she has tried to explain what it is like to live there but I just can't wrap my brain around how different it is.

    1. I would visit. especially If i'm writing something about that region..but it's not at the top of my list .I have some affection as I love the music
      To live?. No, But I suspect like many places, it depends on which part of the country, your contacts, your education, and your income..Many enjoy a lovely quality of life. many complain of corruption, get fed up and if they can.. leave. Social justice?
      Those headlines are coming out of Uganda, and wow. They are definitely attention grabbing..

  4. I can't add any more to what Debra stated. My sentiments exactly. It reminds me of politicians who are against gays and gay rights but are discovered to have had gay affairs.

    1. I think among other things, It's political.
      These countries do not like being dictated to by the West.. who tend to want to assume the moral/superior high ground (yet who also had, and have issues with 'difference')
      Has Gay rights become the yardstick by which we measure what is and what is not a civilized / developed society
      What you said reminded me of a time when the Conservative Party had a 'Back to basics' campaign.. ( you know family values and all that. correcting the heathens, ) only for their ministers to get caught out having affairs, gay and otherwise. One by One they'd present their pissed off wives at the gate of some country home, who ( through thin lips) would chant the,( what became), tired mantra of, I'll be sticking by him ( and that country home no doubt lol)
      They had to drop back to basics
      I remember something about a Chelsea football

  5. Rick Ross is in serious need of a good bro or at least a half way decent manzierre.

  6. Manzierre!!. Reggie I've never heard that before
    Rick Ross has got guts ( no pun intended) because the skin on the stomach is sensitive is it not.. and he's got his entire front tattooed!
    He can't loose that belly now or he'll mess up the ink

  7. I know this article isn't about homosexuality but I just have to say that those newspaper headlines are extremely: homophobic, demoralising, degrading and dangerous. It scares me to think that this is the frame of mind some people have.

    1. They are really out there. When I was 1st made aware of the paper and their headlines I was like.. What!!!.. and they still surprise me with their headlines .. even now!