Sunday 2 March 2014

the Oscars

I have a thing about dialogue in movies
So when Lupita (Patsy) used the word 'gag'.. in 12 yrs.. I noticed it. It struck me as odd.

Great as the movie is.. there were a few lines in 12yrs that felt a little uneasy.. one being the line that ended with ...'until freedom is opportune' (I'm not sure why, but it also sounded odd)
It was a difficult scene..

During 12yrs,one of the hardest scenes to watch was when a women threw an ornament at Lupitas( Patsy's) head

Top movie line?.. and I will have to use this myself some day
"Look at me.. look at me.. I'm the Captain now"
Cool line, simple, and easy
The best!
I loved the movie Captain Phillips.. I was on edge throughout.
If I were to imitate him, before the awards I'd probably say something to him like .
"Hey , Somali.. relax. You will win this. Just don't talk too much"


  1. Hey, we've made the same picks for Best Supporting Actor and Actress! The use of the word "gag" in that context didn't sound strange to me because it's idiomatically part of North American English. But I agree that "when freedom is opportune" sounds stilted and odd. I read somewhere that the screenwriters deliberately used passages directly from the original book in order to give the dialogue a "mid-19th century feel" and I bet that phrase comes straight from the book. You're right -- it's now how we'd say it today at all.

  2. So the word 'gag' has history?..That's interesting
    It reminded me of popular culture, and of something I'd hear in a film like mean girls!.. or American Pie
    Dialogue is so important isn't it
    ..I think 12yrs will do well tonight
    I was looking at the original song category and I think Happy will win, but Ordinary Love is pretty cool