Friday 7 March 2014

Take Away - or in Hse Cook

It's Friday yay!!
In the absence of an in-hse cook, it's definitely a take away evening for me, as I really don’t feel like cooking and there’s a bit to do first before things are functioning in the kitchen fully.

My favourite take away (If I am to have one) is..
drumroll please..

Peri Peri Chips, Olives, and Beany Burger - Yum.
Or.. a really great Indian (Veg Curry, Onion Bhaji’s Poppadum’s, Chutney... yummy yummy yummy
Tonight, I think it’ll be Caribbean, yeah.. very adventurous I hear you say . . . 'Why don’t you just cook dingbat?!' . Because I’m tired and I just want to eat. good food - minus the work
.. unless you want to cook for me?.. no?.. thought not :) *sulks*


Often, I enjoy reading YouTube comments. They can be fascinating, sometimes.. they are really out there.
Funniest one for me today accompanies this video... 'Let's face it.. (it said) ... We’re all here to see dat ass..'

Happy Friday all x
ps.. I wasn't looking for ass.. honest, I just like the tune.. it's so poppy! :)



  1. I agree about the YouTube comments. They can be pretty awesome sometimes. :)

    Hope you enjoyed your food. Our lunch today will be from a restaurant—and I'm really looking forward to not cooking!

  2. All of life dwells under the comments section of YouTube I reckon!.. so funny

    My dinner was nice.. Escovitch fish and rice n peas. very tasty!.. I could eat that again tonight :)
    Enjoy yours Dana! it's nice to not have to cook sometimes :)