Thursday 20 March 2014

the Gentrified beard

In the land of the Gentry.. things are a changing

Hackney , Shoreditch, Hoxton
The status symbol right now sems to be...
The Beard.
( but don't worry.. I have no intention of wearing one!)

Exactly what is 'the Beard', trying to say to us.. what's the meaning behind this phenonmena?

Male grooming products are big business and menswear is outselling women’s departments.
More and more men are growing beards, and spending more time and money on their appearance

Walking in today almost every other man I passed..had a beard.

It’s official. Beards are back. The Beard, is in fashion

Not so long ago, men were advised to rid themselves of facial hair. Clean shaven was the sign of respectability ( although I never bought in to that)
There was a time when Politicians also, were advised not to sport facial hair, as they felt it made them look shifty and untrustworthy. Unwashed.

Political eyebrows were allowed to grow the thickness of s small beard though. I wonder if that view has changed.

Any male who wanted to climb the career ladder, seemed to grab the razor, and keep their hair short and trim.. short back and side- mum's spit neat.
Not anymore.

Seems a bit of rough can climb the ladder after all. Perhaps it’s not appearance, but content of character, and ability that matters after all

I'm not really into beards though, and I'm definitely not into moustaches ( not ideal for kissing)

But again... this trend allows us women to relax and laugh, knowing that there is really little difference.. as men..yeah.. they follow fashion, just like us girls.


  1. I need a book called something like, "Your Beard and Perimenopause".

  2. That's a pretty catchy title Birdie.. :)

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    1. Thanks for the comment Robert, and checking out my blog x