Saturday 29 March 2014

on David Rodigan

David Rodigan and Reggae
Go together like custard and cake
His name has become synonymous with Reggae

Time for the interviewer, to be interviewed. A documentary which really goes beyond his music persona, to the man himself

Why has David spent the majority of his career championing Reggae music. Very few people know Reggae music history like him.
(My brother comes close)
A connoisseur.
This White guy from Oxford, who some would say transcended race and class.
But did he?

Rodigan is a nice guy. I like him. he is much loved, and respected
Maybe I should do it.
Yes, i'd like that.



  1. sounds like he knows a wealth of information.

  2. Tis true Angela.

    There were two main radio DJ's I listened to growing up. one was the Tony Williams radio show, the other Rodigan.
    Rodigan had the edge for me, cool jingles and selection,
    An interview about Reggae's easy for David, but there's more to his story than that i'm sure.. plus .. the not so easy is always interesting!