Saturday 15 March 2014

One, Two, Three

Apparently... Jamaica has the most churches per square mile than any other country.[click]
A very moral country
Christian - predominantly
Even Rastafari is rooted in Orthodox Christianity, focusing primarily on the old testament, and Revelations of course.

This 'morality ' spills over into everyday life. Belief systems are precious, often protected aspects of our identity; Jamaica is not unique in that

This 'morality' also impacts.. on sexual practice, and it's in keeping with certain bible scriptures ( colonizers favoured tool.. outside of torture and murder) why for many, homosexuality is not favoured, and for a long time oral sex for many Jamaicans, has been a big taboo (men).

So, Jamaica is a moral country?
I say otherwise. At least what I say is, despite the vast amount of churches, Jamaica is in reality, no more moral than anywhere else.

Besides.. for such a moral and Christian country, I find that the misogynistic lyrics coming from many dancehall artists can be quite disgusting
( yeah.... I said it - bite me)
I listen, I may even bop.. come on, you know I love my tunes.. but I don't take it in

besides.. these boys are getting younger! ( hope he's still in school )

(disclaimer - this video features gyrating girls.. and I realize now that some of you may not even bother to read the rest of the post.. hey.. read on!!)

Black Women. Already often stereotyped as - hyper sexed, exotic, erotic, aggressive, slack, angry, hostile, difficult, ( blah blah..lots of negatives I wont go on.. dare I get angry :))

You see the thing is.. when I hear that 48 women per hour ( I hope that was a journalistic error! ) in the Congo are raped everyday…and there's no world cry... I cant help but wonder if it's because those women are black, and.. thier attackers are black also

and that.. for some, raises no brow

Being sexually liberated and still owning that right to be treated with respect ( and being treated with respect, kindness, compassion, and care) is still a difficult balance isn't it.

Why?.. after all.. Jordan aka Katie Price, and many others have made a living as glamour models, and I don't think it has impacted on the general perception of white women at all

Katie Price, the smart cookie with those big.. bank accounts

Hmm..perhaps there is no link?


  1. Are black women seen that way??

    Sorry, but I can't stand Katie Price.

  2. There are definitely differences in perception attitudes and behaviors that are worth both exposing and exploring
    not many people would admit to 'seeing' black women that way, just as not many people would admit to being racist. and yet racist encounters occur daily.( so somebody's doing something ;)) To answer your question I'd say it exists as part of the 'commonsense discourse/ideology' that rears its head in all sorts of expected and unexpected ways.So yes, I dare say some do.
    (and.. some do not)

    I don't have a strong opinion on Katie either way, but used her to further highlight a point.
    Another question could be who ( or better yet - What) put the 'Glamour' in topless/nude modelling?
    Its an interesting play on words
    and it's interesting how at ease we appear at the mass rape of women in 'developing' countries

  3. Also,( I'm not sure if I made this point clearly in the post)
    Do videos like the one above, assist in the reproduction of cultural pathology, and if so, do they have a wider global impact?.