Sunday 2 March 2014

Things that make your eyes roll..

It's actually quite funny.
We spend a great deal of time and money on our bureaucratic systems and structures but bemoan the fact that human life will get in the way

This made me roll my eyes this morning
Woman in Coma 'told' to Find Work. [click]

Just the other week a ‘public servant’ left a message on my mum’s phone asking for my dad.
'Please let me call them back .. please.. please..’ I urged
Agreed?. Cool. I’m on.
I was fuming. Okay .. I'll be honest with you.. I was 'Vexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Okay.. I'll be honest.. let's just say I was ready to let rip if needs be.

The man on the phone said he needed my dad’s date of birth to update his records.
Really?.. I asked him why… considering he's been dead over 10yrs.
These jokers had been updated countless times
He stuttered awhile then apologized profusely. Spoke of a technical glitch ( aka mystery colleague) and said if I gave him the information he promised never to hassle my mother again
“Yeah? .”. I said … “Not gonna happen”.
That F***** ( pardon my Sunday French) still thought he'd get the info?!

Harassment of the elderly or infirm will awaken my smart mouth… every time.
Pick on someone your own size.


  1. Ugh. Bureaucrats. Don't get me started.

    And I must say, it's been years since I heard the expression "pardon my Sunday French" LOL! We don't say that much anymore here in Canada, given our English/French tensions. But I remember hearing it a lot as a kid!

  2. After I said it, I thought, whoops Dawna, don't upset the French! lol
    Does any child ever say..when I grow up.. I wanna be a bureaucrat?
    *anything's possible*

  3. i received phone calls like that after my mom died but 10 years later? That is messed up.

    1. When I listened to the message it freaked me out at first. Err 'this is a message for Mr Lee!?'..It was weird.. I kinda looked around at my mum at first like.. eh..Is Dad here?! lol.
      then I was just annoyed for my mum. Especially when she explained to me the number of times she'd been hassled for 'paperwork'.
      I think it was upsetting for her, brings back memories I guess.

  4. A blank stranger calling an elderly person asking for information is just wrong in my opinion, and disrespectful.

    1. He was a government employee Dean. His argument was his colleague hadn't updated their records. Despite my mum supplying the information 1. at the time, and 2. many times since. With them even having taken a copy of the death certificate.
      I think the elderly are often treated appallingly.
      Not just the elderly to be fair.