Tuesday 11 March 2014

Bob Crow

Very sad news to hear that the RMT Union Leader died suddenly in the early hours of the morning.
Bob Crow has been described today as one of the most successful Union Leaders, with membership growing significantly under his leadership. Many paying their respects today describe him as a true Working Class Hero.

I remember watching this interview a few weeks back on the Politics Show and thought... if a person needed someone in their corner... fighting for thier working conditions.. Bob Crow's the man.

The Politics Show with Andrew Neil and Bob Crow [click]

We need more warriors like that don't we
Whether you agreed with him or not.. he did what he believed in, and he did it with conviction

It's a huge loss, to his family and friends, to the union, to the members, to working people, and to politics.
Sure we may have felt the inconvenience of a tube strike, but he was fighting for the workers, fighting for their jobs, for their working conditions.. livelihoods
and that's pretty cool really

RIP Bob Crow


  1. You are speaking to the choir, Dawna. We need people who stand up for the rights and working conditions of regular people. The value and dignity of the workers who make our societies function have been lost in our obsessive veneration for those who accumulate wealth. Thank you for posting this!

  2. I was raised in a blue-collar working-class union family. It troubles me greatly that we seem to be losing not only our union leaders but our unions as well. I hope that the young people today realize the importance of unionized work and step up to the challenge of leading the next generation.

  3. My dad was a shop steward back in his day, was very passionate, and committed, so I became aware of the importance of Unions when I was quite young. Over the years i've become passive,( I think workers should support each other anyway, and not just pull together when they're personally affected by an issue) yet supportive non the less, and cant understand why the Labour Party would want to break links with the trade union. I agree with what you say.