Wednesday 19 March 2014

Miss Rwanda 2014

When I think of Rwanda this is not the kind of thing I think of. For some reason I still think of that terrible Genocide.
This event feels very dated to me. Perhaps it's the terrible choice of song by Cliff Richard! that puts me off

The song I do like though, is the song that accompanies the fine display of cars as they roll up. if anyone knows the name of that track feel free to let me know ( sounds kinda cool)

Questions begin at 7.46 Why do we need girl empowerment? Hmmm (so you stop rolling us out like this!. heehee) and include What's the role of small and medium enterprise in the country?, and, Why should we conserve our culture? ( that's an interesting question given the history) What's the role of the Private sector is also interesting

What is Rwandan culture? I wonder. Rwandas themselves are a mixture of people from surrounding countries, and this European flavoured event, final song choice wonderful imported cars, bit of music from Nigeria, all lead me to believe that it is shifting and reshaping itself all the time, a diverse global mix ( even if many of the girls look similar .. can I say that!?!)

Hmmm... perhaps If I was a woman living in Rwanda, I'd be hoping I could get up there myself. Depending on what my choices were.
But you see, that's the thing. Perhaps I have an outdated perception of Rwanda.. or at least skewed towards war and conflict

It's also our 'Budget day'.. this has provided a nice early distraction from whatever Mr Osbourne has up his sleeve. How much do you reckon there'll be some sweeteners in there for middle income earners and parents of young children? There's an election looming after all. I haven't heard it yet but Booooooooooooooo.. :)
Enjoy your day

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