Monday 24 March 2014

*** Culinary delights.. What's on Mondays Menu?

I think that whoever is home, should cook.
Or.. whoever, gets home first.. should cook ( or set the scene for the Chef de Partie aka .. moi )

I cooked enough yesterday to provide dinner for today.. but it didn't last.
In fact it got eaten last night, and I've now got a moody looking Ti upstairs saying I need to cook food for my 'children'

I very quickly reminded him how old he is, and that as he was home today, (as he's on holiday) he should have done the cooking. I was determined not to cook, but it's bugging me, to the point that I'm going to do it.. I know I will.

Really , I just want to unwind, try and get some reading done, and not cook
Just another one of the joys of being a woman right?.. you get to do everything.. even when you're tierd.

Oh hang on.. I hear movement in kitchen land.. could it be!?.. dare I hope?? :0

I've told my boys that a man who can cook is an asset to his partner. It's not cute to hear a grown man say he can't cook. Unless he really is cute... and even then.. it's best to learn

No.. I've decided..I'll let him do it tonight


Have you ever noticed how love travels?
How formless it is
It tends to go anywhere
If you let it

Those who are afraid to love bore me.
What a tiresome way to be
After all..what else is there?

One of the joys of loving deeply I guess include being able to resonate with, and feel every bit of this song..beautiful

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