Thursday 1 January 2015

A New Year in Politics

..."choosing between Labour and the Conservatives is a pretty grime choice to make... so this year ...make another.." ( hmmm how did that past the speech writer?)

Which country is our PM talking about. Okay. Interesting backdrop

It's election year.

A very Happy New Year to our Leaders


  1. Election Year - explains it perfectly.
    A world leader just suggested this has been a time of many tears . . .
    our hearts ask us what are we going to do about it . . .

    All i can say is - my American Ears thinks the sound of British speech - seems spiffy - you know, kinda fancy-ish . . it's the difference in accent . . words seem the same-ish . . accents kinda lift it . . . (giggle) - No Matter What - i Wish YOU Well . . all the time . . no matter what number is on the calendar . .

  2. Spiffy lol!
    I'm so accustomed to it i don't really notice but I tried to listen with 'fresh' ears and I think our PM tops the spiffy accent ranking. I do enjoy accents, but can be easily turned off or on by the accompanying words lol.
    There is politics even in accents.esp in the UK .. very much so
    I wish you well also Maggid, each and every day..!