Saturday 24 January 2015

Is it Saturday Yet?

In truth, I'm glad to see the back of that week. Just very busy really.
I wish I could hibernate until Spring. I really don't like the winter months at all, because it's too cold.
Seriously. It's too cold.
Gardens lay dormant. ice covers the grass in the mornings, and the bitter breeze batters plants and trees throughout the day without mercy.
The cold hurts me ... without mercy.
Yes, all the months have a certain beauty, and for everything there is a season.. but....

As time goes on, my intention is to limit my time in the cold
My mind needs the warmth of the sun, the energy

I need to feel a warm breeze on my skin.. and at present the only time I get that in under the hand blower of the ladies toilets.
That aint right
No.. I am of the sun. and the melanin that I possess needs a lot more of it.
I will live in the warmth near the sea. With or without 24hr electricity.
I'll adapt.

Still, it's Saturday, and things need to be done.
So i'll do what I can.
I haven't practice my languages much this week , so i'm not impressed with myself with regards to that.

It's Saturday, but I've had a volcanic week and my soul needs to replenish. To rest...To recover.
I need to release the negative energy that I've picked up throughout the week, re-focus, and regain my balance once more.
I'm a little restless
A little anxious
.. and that needs to change
.. will change
.. because i'll change it

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