Monday 12 January 2015

Sometimes I think...

Politics fills the gap where common sense once reigned
To be a politician is to seek to regain it, or abstain from it, forever
.. and find supporters
who undoubtedly feel the same

Don't place your fears on my shoulders
Each of us has burden enough to carry,
I need not extra

Of course black lives matter
Equal value for equal lives
be outraged
In equal measure
at unjustified attacks upon life
or be silent

I wanna fall asleep in the arms of my love
and awake in those same arms

I need to re-read , a clash of civilizations..
now's the time

The real issue behind the issue is land

It's possible to fight for so long...
that the reason for fighting becomes lost

No country divided can truly be at ease
Nigeria for example, needs an equal distribution of wealth and opportunity
Look to the North
look further than your own family
After all...
Are we not all kin?
let 'opportunity for all'
be a slogan we can all support
..or chant no slogan at all

Love really is stronger than hate
..yet we struggle to define love often , fear it
Let love guide our thoughts, and our penmanship
.. and then the pen, really will be mightier than the sword
.. but only then.

Even if my words fall on deaf ears
lord may they touch that which matters most
and souls

Sometimes I think...
I question
and I wonder

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