Wednesday 21 January 2015

Being British

All about the Routemaster


  1. This has to be THE iconic image of London to the rest of the world. Definitely has a British flavor.

    I find it hard to relate to "United Kingdom." I still think in terms of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Does anyone ever speak of a having a UK identity?

    When I was in London last spring, I never thought of myself as being anywhere but jolly old England. I'd have to make myself think of the UK. It doesn't seem like a real construct to me. Does it feel real to you? It must! You grew up in it.

    And when Scotland was voting for independence, I was half hoping it would become independent, only because having England over Scotland still smarts, and my Scottish roots have grown in Canada for generations. Even as I knew it made no economic sense to split.

    Nothing on the scale of the African diaspora, but there was a Scottish diaspora too, so many driven off the land and out of Scotland, especially to Canada.
    I'm trying to imagine what it's like to be you, but my roots aren't so tangled.

    You have really have prompted a lot of things in my mind with your latest series. Dawna!

  2. I think many people do think of themselves as having a UK Identity
    There's the Black British box on forms ( Notice it doesn't say Black English!). Sometimes, I may even write UK Black ( depending on the context)
    It's interesting what you say there Fundy, as population dispersal and movement is absolutely not unique to Africans..
    However, the impact on the various groups are very different!.
    it's impact on the African peoples has been great indeed, on many levels.
    Many African countries I feel would benefit from inviting those across the diaspora to return, and bringing this skills with them. Repair the disconnect.
    Not that i'm after land or anything.. hee.hee.. but I wouldn't say no to some
    I love the London bus so much!
    I can say no more than yes.. I agree with you.. it's iconic :)