Monday 26 January 2015

Man - Power

I can never understand men who don't take care of thier children
Children are so beautiful
Imagine .. a man impregnates a woman, a child is born, his child, flesh of his flesh
How can that man eat everyday.. not knowing if his child/ children and the mother of those children have eaten?
What kind of man does that?
Do they have shoes?
Are they okay?
Do they need anything?

The Power of a man is not in his ability to impregnate
but his ability to provide love and care afterwards
to step up.. and do the right thing

When a man is unable to provide due to unemployment, or lack of qualifications
It can be crushing for that man
It can ruin potentially good relationships
It's not easy, and not always black and white
but still.. find a way, to do the right thing
at least the best you can
..we see you trying...the mother see you trying, she got your back


  1. It's always bothered me that when a woman cares for her child, it's what she does. When a man takes care of his child, he's babysitting, as if he's hired help and not really part of the child's life.