Sunday 18 January 2015

If you hang out with an insomniac.. don't expect to get to bed early.

... and that simple statement is also a metaphor,.. if you think about it awhile.

It was a literal experience for me last night.
It was lovely of one of my brothers to come over to talk, hang out with me..chill, but I hadn't really realized the extent of his insomnia until i noticed it was 2am in the morning, he was oblivious, and I was struggling to stay awake. In the end, we called a cab at something to 5.


That old saying.. you are known by the company you keep is very true.
Whether you realize it or not, for better or worse, you will adopt aspects of each others ways. So.... spend more time with those you genuinely like, and wouldn't mind being like in some way


I'm learning!. my Twi is coming along and so is my Krio.
I got to practice my Krio yesterday with my future mother in law who is lovely, and as she doesn't speak English, I had to speak what Krio i could.
and.... we managed a conversation
yay! that was the best feeling ever.

Never did I think I would utter the words... well done to the Pope!
I do so purely because he said what I felt and said quite recently... that it's 'not okay to mock what another holds dear. ' If you insult my mother' he said.. 'expect to get a punch on the nose!'
Tell them Pontiff tell them
Cultural and religious imperialism.. where will it end?
The arrogance of many is overwhelming
and dangerous
for us all


The past week or two I've been in reflective mode. never did I think I'd utter the words... I'm very grateful to my exes!
they have taught me many valuable lessons.
..and coloured my journey to this point
they have helped me to identify what I want, and what I don't... to be happy with me, the person I am, the person I hope to become
unbeknownst to them....they have taught me to recognize and appreciate true love
and that's a wonderful thing

Nice version of the Marcia Grifiths song Etana

Africa Cup of Nations - today's fixtures [click]


  1. Sometimes I have insomnia--not very often anymore--but I have never asked anyone to stay up with me. I write and read and watch movies if I can't sleep. When X was manic, it was horrible. He was up and down all night. I couldn't get any rest. I wouldn't have minded as much if he had taken his medicine and tried to be quiet. When he was able to sleep, he would set his alarm, but it didn't wake him up. It woke me up, and I couldn't go back to sleep. If Willy Dunne Wooters can't sleep, he sits in a chair and goes back to sleep before long. The soft sound of his snore lulls me to sleep.


    1. I used to listen to the radio at night to relax me. Now.. lights out and that's it. No more TV either, that used to keep me awake

  2. Such an interesting post, Dawna! I struggle with insomnia sometimes. My hubby usually goes to bed early, especially when he is working the next day. So I always make sure I'm ready for bed early and I walk the floors and read away from the bedroom. Then I can just quietly ease into the bed without waking him up.

    I so agree with what you wrote about exes! My first marriage was a disaster, but my first husband taught me so much and I married wiser the second time around. There were a lot of good things that my first husband gave me, like my love for blues music that I hadn't really experienced before I met him. He was a fabulous blues singer.

    I'm glad that your Twi and Krio are coming along. And I liked what the Pope said. I thoroughly stand behind freedom of speech, but I do censor myself sometimes! My goals are to be kind and compassionate in the things that I write and say.

    Have a happy week!

    1. If the Pope says priest can marry.., I'll really rate him. that 'institutional pedophilia is an issue for the catholic church.
      I like his style.
      Go Pope!.
      Thank you Fundy.. i'm trying my best to learn, and not get too hung up on making mistakes etc. When you're learning , i think I learn best when I relinquish the ego.
      I love that you were wiser second time around.. and you're joyous now.
      I censor too lol!
      but ultimately although I believe its good to talk.. I think its nice to keep a bit of humanity
      Have a happy week too ! :)