Saturday 31 January 2015

AU troops vs Boko Haram?

The African Union Summit recently endorsed the creation of a 7,500-member African force to fight the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram, UN chief Ban Ki-moon has backed the proposal.

To gather troops to fight the insurgents is a serious case of crisis management.
Yes, there is a crisis to be managed, but this approach seems to tackle the symptom, and not the cause.
Perhaps the real crisis is a crisis of leadership
A crisis of a historical wound left to fester.
Bad governance and corruption ( as simple as it sounds) will create more insurgents, not less, and you can't fight them all.
The AU need to take the causes very seriously indeed, and 'African leaders' really need to take responsibility for the state of thier countries and thier citizens, have an honest conversation about the frustrations that exist within their borders
Don't turn a blind eye

People who feel forgotten by thier leaders, will cling to anything that appears to offer a means to fight back.
People will have questions...ask the question - why?
Why is my life this way?
Is it my religion?
Is it my ethnicity?
My tribe?
My gender
Unfortunately, quite often... it is, at the very least... one of those
and that needs to change
Why do some get access to education and employment, and not others?

Rwanda didn't just happen, but when it did yes, we all wanted intervention to save the people afflicted.
Boko Haram hasn't just happened either.
Yet even if they didn't exist.. don't you think something else would take its place?
Where relevant, corrupt officials must stop stealing the peoples money
Governments must take care of the people
Manage investments, and ensure that foreign investors who stand to make billions.. also benefit the people
No one across Africa should ever go hungry
In fact, noone anywhere in the world should
Here in the UK we import and throw away so much food.

Whenever you hear about a new world order , be wary. It's not what it should be.

So.. bring on the troops huh.....
Well....AU troops at present do not have a great reputation.
Quite a few women have stories to tell
It should not be business as usual in 'Africa'
We need business as unusual
Actions taken with honesty decency credability, vision, love, transparency
If we don't get this right, we will continue to see an increasing number of people who are self serving, dishonest, manipulative, greedy , and opportunistic
People who are all too willing to rob others
We need people we can trust
People who care

How long will we continue to fight fire with fire?
How long will we continue to pour gasoline on flames and expect to put the flames out?
We have a growing African Elite, ( great) yet increasing poverty ( not so great) .
Government monies unaccounted for, and a general malaize and apathy towards real development
If it aint white it aint right .. for some African leaders.
Mugabe not included
We need to bury colonialism, address our mistakes, and give peace a chance.
Give Africa a chance, and give the African people a chance

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