Tuesday 6 January 2015


It is reported that new cases of Ebola are beginning to drop significantly across all regions still battling the virus, especially Liberia.
That, is very good news indeed
I think we are witnessing the beginning of the end
Liberia has reported very few new cases, {click] and have announced that they too, like Sierra Leone are soon to reopen schools.

Schools have been closed for over 6 months

It would be great if all schools could have running water.
Perhaps some troops currently stationed across the region, could be redeployed to undertake the task of assisting in rebuilding school infrastructure
Yes, that would be great indeed..

We are heading towards zero cases.
Google image source

Here in the UK A&E waiting times are cause for concern
Most know that if you need to go to A& E, you will more than likely be here for hours. Easily over 4hrs after initial consultation
Ironically, many have to wait longer to see thier doctor, which possibly puts additional pressure on the system
But the fact that so many people around the world, still don't have a system like ours, or the resources we have access to, we're still very fortunate


  1. Everyday I am grateful for our health care in Canada. Yes, there are wait times but the rich don't get care before the poor. Everyone is equal and that is the way it should be. That said, our government is really wanting to implement a pay system.

    1. I believe that is an underlining ( and very real) concern here to.

      I'm grateful to our NHS big time, to be able to walk in and be seen. Even if I have to wait, I'll be seen. That's a real comfort
      Doctors and nurses are often overrun, often times there seems to be staff shortages.. but I tell you.. they work really hard, and many are on their feet for hours. You work in the care sector so you work really hard too!.. and thanks!