Sunday 25 January 2015

Weekend Wow Factor - ft Bisa Kdei I love You. & Yemi Sax.

British Nurse Pauline Cafferkey who was being treated at the Royal London hospital after contracting Ebola whilst working at a treatment centre in Sierra Leone has made a full recovery and has been released.

Great news and 'happy to be alive ' Pauline Cafferkey

Further good news in that 2 districts have been declared Ebola free


Baron Warsi was reportedly the first Muslim ( female) to sit in Cabinet
She was senior foreign minister of a Conservative ( coalition) government
It's reported that she resigned over her governments stance on the conflict in Gaza.
Others state it was her fury at being overlooked for promotion.
I believe the latter to be very plausible... possible.. probable.

Baroness Warsi...nice cheeky smile.. :)

The good Baroness knew her party, and her party's values, when she joined, and was happy to play the conservatives only Muslim female 'pin up' if you know what I mean.
To be fair she has spoken out about the normalization of Islamophobia in British society before [click]
It's also possible that Baroness Warsi knew that her conservative credentials would raise her profile substantially
and as a result she is now using her credentials to 'speak out' further
Good for her
She is correct with regards to the governments 'alienation of Muslims' [ click]
... yet despite the fact that I agree with aspects of what she says
I'm not a fan
Yet she interests me.
She's highly intelligent, no questioning that
So... I'm going to find out more about her... ( at some point.. yawn)
After which i'll either find her great ( which is highly possible.. as I quite admire strong women) .. or awful, and a exploitative self publicist


I love Bisa's voice



Are we all responsible for the 'normalization ' of white privilege?


I am a fan of many things and many people
including Saxophone players..

I'll listen to Oyoyo forever. Love J Martins for that song

and my fav at the mo...

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