Saturday 31 January 2015

Al jazeera Sport Matters - Too black to coach?

Black Footballers.
Here in the UK , there was a time when black footballers became a bit of a laughing stock.

For example, there was even a time where many used to question the strange phenomena of 'spot the black wife''
Aside from a tiny few, Ian wright being one ( at the time) we couldn't find one.
What was this strange cultural phenomena?
Self hate?
The answer has never been found.. or has it?

It is entirely possible that for many black players just getting selected is enough.
Let's face it, the sea of opportunity flows less often for some.
Getting selected therefore, is life changing, it's an income, a large income at that.. and who wouldn't be hugely grateful
Once in.. the aim is to STAY IN.

Perhaps they feel that they won't 'stay in' by 'rocking the boat', or by 'rolling up' with black wives, or ambitions of professional progression to the realm of football coach
or would they?
Perhaps they simply need the courage to try.
and the persistence to not give up

Racism in football is not new.
However, when players stay on the pitch when one of their black peers is racially abused.. they send a message.
The message is, .. do what you like. I'm conditioned to play..
I'm bought and paid for

It's the system.
Black players are not united, and lack the resources. African governance ( despite the wonderful guidance of people like Tony Blair and others like him) Is still slightly messy. ( Not Messi.. Messy)

Black players need to believe they have a right. Not cower to white supremacy, but feel confident to bring their skills ( skin colour and culture) to the table.
I was reading about 'learned helplessness' the other day
How many of us are stuck in that?
But I also know that even in the face of some of the worst abuses, black people have fought back.
They shouldn't stop fighting
Until the battle is won
and sometimes.. that battle is internal
It's changing, minds are changing.. minds are waking up, shaking up, toughening up
Injustices can only continue for so long.. we're reaching a tipping point

btw - my favourite coach is Arsene Wenger ( leave him alone)

An interesting watch

* In case you don't know.. I was being sarcastic about Blair btw :)


  1. I remember studying about the phenomenon of learned helplessness while in university. So fascinating and sad a the same time. I hope minds continue to open, my friend.

  2. Me too. On a positive note I believe they will
    'ring-fencing' jobs and careers isn't cool. Give others a chance