Monday 19 January 2015

'Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter' - Song choice : Duncan Mighty ft. Phyno.

History is written by those who can write..
Read by those who can read..
and cemented as gospel by those who stand to benefit

.. taught over and over, to eager unquestioning minds
'truth' is born

Want a voice?
Win the war


Check out this rich list... I tried to scroll to the end.. but it just keeps going! cool huh.. [click]
Interesting to see that as much as the richest among us acquire, many give away great sums also.
It's an interesting list


A very nice track by Duncan Mighty ft Phyno

Not too sure what Jide Ofor means, and am too tired to search this time
I like Phyno on it too...
A tune like this will sound great live..

Has the film Selma, really been 'snubbed' by Hollywood?
Was it accidentally overlooked? as was implied today
Or is it a case of bad timing
You see in 12 years a slave, most viewers will feel assured that the African slave trade is behind us
Police brutality in America?

Not quite.
I've not seen the film
If I do I will be honest in my review.
If its a great film.. I'll say
If not.. I'll say.




  1. I haven't seen "Selma" yet. But I am quite curious about the controversy. I lived through that time, although I was in Canada and quite young, so I would like to compare it with what I remember and learned. Great quote on history by the way! Have you seen the Assyrian Lion Hunt panels in the British Museum? The lions lost, but boy do they tell a story! I'll never forget them! Have a good one!

  2. I've not seen the panels Fundy.. I will visit and go look for them ( when the weather improves!)
    I'm curious about the controversy too.. maybe the 'selectors' are fed up with the 'race inequality' themed movies and want something fresh.
    Maybe , they needed to see a less confident protagonist.
    I'm looking forward to a good movie on Marcus Garvey. Somebody make it please.. he was a don!.