Saturday 31 January 2015

Follow your passion

Thank God it's Saturday
It's been the kind of week I'm glad to see the back of to be honest, which isn't really a great thing to say I know , as that's my time willing away.
Still, I'm being honest.
I need some me time.

It will soon be my special month.
I'll be having my formal engagement in a few weeks, so believe me when I say that time is precious right now, and I'm actually a bit stressed trying to juggle work and life
despite the fact that I've done it for years.
This is different..
Life changing
..and not long now
Valentines day will be extra special this year

I met a lady yesterday who despite her engineering degree, jacked it in (working for others ) to run her own business,. ( and let me tell you.. she's is one talented woman!)
As I was leaving she said to me..... follow your passion
Do that which makes you happy
I didn't even ask her.. she just volunteered this info
She just told me her story

So I'll pay it forward.

Follow your passion
Follow your dreams
Don't give up on them
You can do anything
Your dream is possible
Don't allow others to manipulate you, crush your dreams, your potential or passion
Turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to those who have nothing helpful to offer you
To those who judge you unfairly or negatively
Learn at least 1 swear word
Use it ( even if just internally) to deal with bullshit.. and bullshiters
I like F *** U ( it's quick)
Sometimes.. i'll use..'What a D*** or F*** U you C***.
and I';m not even a swearer!
( and i'll have to cut that out altogether soon :))
But for now, it helps.
Give the 'enemy' no power to harm you
Show unbelievers the red card
just do you, to the best of your ability
If your situation does not facilitate that
Work on creating a new situation.. that will.

Happy Saturday!
Do your best x


  1. Okay did I read this right? You are getting engaged? Who too, I wanna know! Ha. I'm being nosey.

    And you are so right about following your dreams, but sometimes that's hard to do when other people block me doing it!

    1. A nice guy lol!
      he's very sweet.
      You know Joe, I used to tell people to follow thier dreams often, but when bills are coming through the door etc. it can seem like a pie in the sky luxury.
      I tell them now to do both. Do what must be done I say, but never give up on your hearts desire. Let it be your motivation, your energy , your fire. Let it ease your burdens, Fill your mind with dreams I say.. lest someone else fill it with some other nonsense.

  2. You're so right, especially about the swear words LOL!

    1. Lol!! ah yes... good to be bi lingual :)

  3. If I were still teaching, I would have shared this with my third graders. It is such a powerful message for everyone. I'd have shared the story about the mule women as well. I didn't hesitate to show difficult things to my kiddos, because they want to know about the larger world. And even though many of my kiddos came from difficult circumstances, I wanted them to know how much better they had it than so many people in the world. Following your passion is fundamental to a rewarding life, I'm following my dream of writing my memoir right now, and most of the time it is a painful slog, but also powerfully healing and fulfilling. I'm sorry that you had a challenging week; that seems to be the human condition. But what exciting days ahead for you! My life is changing too. Terry will be waking up retired three weeks from this morning. I think it will be wonderful ~ a joint adventure for both of us. But it will have its challenges too. Good luck with that continuous struggle! You'll get there, and it will be worth it! Take care!

    1. A joint adventure for you both.. how lovely!
      I love that you're following your dream, You really inspire me Fundy. Always so positive and open
      I can tell you were a great teacher!.. because you continue to be so.
      Have a lovely weekend ! :)

  4. Well done. I always told The Hurricane to decide what her passion was and go after it. The money would follow. She decided to major in physics and math. By her senior year she had decided math was her passion. Her first choice for grad school was The University of California at Berkeley. Everyone at her college said, Well, you can apply, but you'll never get in there.

    Except for one person. Her adviser. He said, Yeah, I think you can get in there.

    She did, and she's almost done with PhD. She's been going on job interviews. Everything will be okay.


    1. That's a great story Janie! good for her,and to her determination
      There are many doubters... best to ignore them.
      Even 1 person believing in you is amazing. But In the absence of that... dig deep

    2. I'm still quite shocked that so many faculty members told her she wouldn't get in. I think it would be better to say, It's hard to get in, but you should certainly try.


    3. Is is shocking. Very negative and unhelpful.
      Did they get in?