Thursday 15 January 2015

Cham - Back Way & Phyno - Yayo

These two videos have something in common...
Can you tell what it is ?

I'm not sure what to make of them.
In truth, It depends on which Dawna is watching.
Both videos raise numerous sociological and cultural questions.. just flicking through the Youtube comments is an insight into the various opinions on the sexual objectification of women, and the so called hyper masculinity of black men

Regular Dawna says...Cham is cute. :)
That girls butt ( In Phyno's vid) is a sight to behold..
and I quite like masculine men

Regular Dawna also says.... hmmm

I'll be honest.. I'm not a huge Phyno fan.. but he's interesting.
I find this video disturbing in parts though
It's an uneasy watch.
..perhaps that was the intention
if that's the question is...why?
what's your point Phyno?



  1. Thanks Alieux i appreciate your understanding.
    I guess there are philosophical questions even when one don't intend for there to be