Tuesday 6 January 2015

To believe in something

I have a friend who became a Buddhist a few years ago.

Life had become very stressful for her, and she found much comfort in Buddhism, in chanting, and learning more about how to incorporate the practice into her life.
One of my goals this year is to read more, and understand more about the various religious texts. Thus aiding my understanding and appreciation of people.. of the world.
My sweet new friend ( fiance) is a Muslim.

It's amazing how little people really know about Islam outside of mainstream media reports. ( which is often negative)
I don't know much and am still learning.
My love doesn't mind what I practice.. or believe. ( sweet)..he appreciates and respects whatever I do
Sierra Leonians are known for thier religious tolerance anyway.. in that faith.. is no barrier to love.
There are other issues which divide maybe.. but religion doesn't seem to be one.

I've always found spiritual and historical texts a comfort.

Personal growth is very important to me

I witnessed a change in temperament in my friend over time. She became calmer... more content in herself.

I think everybody believes in something.


  1. Fiance? When did you get engaged? Congratulations!

    I've only ever encountered Islam in the form of Sufism. I hung around for awhile with the "Dances of Universal Peace" people here in Edmonton. A nice bunch, very open and tolerant. And of course I love the poetry of Rumi too.

    1. Lol!.. *blush* .and thank you!
      A week or two ago I briefly mentioned it in a passing post. I'm still getting used to it all, letting it sink in. He ( we) a few traditional engagementy things to sort out and do. right now my job is to keep calm. But each day is a great day!
      I'll stop there so I don't gush on and on and become annoying :)
      I walked into a shop one day to buy some incense, and was introduced to Sufism. I loved the lady in the shop and she is and excellent person to speak to about it all.
      Lovely lady. Sufism I like.

  2. My beliefs are a mish-mash of different belief systems that work for me. Just be open to anything that promotes love.

    1. That sound so good to me Birdie it's how I feel too

  3. I think the world is full of misinformation about religions and beliefs and whatevers. It never hurts to learn more.


  4. I was wondering how your marrying a Muslim would work. If he's cool would you not Muslim, that I really great. I say that the last woman who made me really happy-who love me and I loved her- converted to Muslim on her father's death bed, and her brothers said I had to convert too, in order to continue the relationship.When I didn't, they made her dump me.

    Anyway, I love this post. I try to be open with other religions. I find that those I've come across in life that are more like Jesus Christ tend to not be Christian. They tend to be Buddhists or other. Recently I bought myself a Koran to read.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your ex Alieux. A friend of mine faced a similar situation. But I said to him.. she got with you knowing you were not a Muslim so what was that about.
    Apparently her mum insisted he convert or they part.

    My mum asked him about it too... ALOT.
    His dad is also a Muslim married to a Christian lady, and is fine with it also. I guess everyone is different.
    It's very true what you said in your last paragraph, I have often found that to be the case also Ironically.
    For some reason a few years back.. I bought 2 Korans.
    I like reading both the Koran and the Bible, and any other text dealing with spiritual enlightenment. Hope you enjoy

    1. me as well! when you find someone who makes you happy and treats you like a queen, you hold on to him, no matter the religion.

  6. Interesting post, Dawna! First, congrats on your engagement! How lovely! Second, I don't see a problem with marrying someone of a different religion, although sometimes it creates extra challenges. One of my nieces is marrying someone who is Buddhist this September ~ He's also 1/4 Korean, 1/4 Native American, and 1/2 black. She's white, Irish American, and Roman Catholic. These things are not insurmountable obstacles, and society's attitudes are changing, thank God! As for religion, I do not believe that Christians have the only truth and path to God. I agree with Alieux's last paragraph too. I find it difficult to walk into a church right now, because of the bigotry, intolerance, closed-mindedness, and hate ~ not to mention the politics. And yet my heart longs to. I am an admirer of Jesus Christ, but what he stood for is often buried in religious dogma. I need a clone just to explore religions. I'm drawn to Buddhism myself. Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thank you Fundy! we're happy :)
      ...and I love the line... ' these things are not insurmountable obstacles..'
      i agree with you.
      Bigotry seems to be having some kind of 'revival ' at the moment.
      Buddhism is cool-calm
      Happy New Year to you too!.. we can start as we mean to go on .. regardless :)