Thursday 22 January 2015

Thursday thoughts..

Well done to Congo!
They beat Gabon 1-0.
1st win since 1974? [click]
This tournament is still pretty much 'anyones' to win I think
I don't have a clear favourite, but I always like to support the 'underdogs'

I made peace with mum..
I said I would didn't I. i couldn't leave things like that. and each day.. i'll do my best


No one can walk your path but you, I thought today
Our journeys are so unique
Follow your mind, I thought today
Best you control it.. rather than entrust to someone else, such an important job!

I like P Square
This no be joke
Yes, I like that


I dreamt about Fally last night.
Maybe it was my way of saying okay Fally. I've met someone else and wont be marrying you after all. Bye !
Lol!.. the fact that Fally is happily married off long time makes that even funnier


My Fiance supports Man Utd!
Yikes! :)
We had a laugh about that.
He said for some reason most women in Sierra Leone seem to support Arsenal!
One of us will have to switch he said laughing
I wonder which one it will be
I told him , at the least.. I wont cuss them anymore.. I said maybe they can be my second team ( like a sub ) ouch!
He said the same about Arsenal
( he said he doesn't mind Arsenal but it's just that Arsene Wenger for a long time didn't want to spend money and buy new players.. and he likes winners
I said when the football's on, i'll go to bed!
Under our Arsenal Duvet! heehee :)

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