Saturday 10 January 2015

1960 What? - Gregory Porter.. & Has multiculturalism really failed?

I'm waiting for a change
I'm waiting for the...' yeah but's...'
I'm witnessing a re-run
Yeah.. I think I've seen this movie before.

Man goes into a school and guns down innocent children and teachers
Another man goes into a theater and does the same
Not once.. twice.. in fact.. I've lost count

After the initial outrage comes the.. 'yeah buts..'
Yeah but, he was an outcast
Yeah but, he was mentally ill
Perhaps he was abused as a child... by parents or peers

Outrage fades.. no change in gun laws
After all... they say a man 'has a right' to bear arms

An unarmed black youth is gunned down on American soil by law enforcement
Not once.. or twice .. or even three times
In truth.. I've lost count
A man is choked to death , again by 'law enforcement' in broad daylight

'Get back' .. they say.. 'stop filming..'nothing to see here
I appeal for calm
Let the law its job

Yeah but, he was wearing a 'hoody'.. he looked 'suspicious'
Yeah but, he may have stole some sweets, or tried to sell loose cigarettes
Perhaps he smoked some 'weed' a few hours before
Yeah but, he was an inch or two bigger than me.. taller - wider...
Yeah but, I was afraid
Yeah but, he had 'previous'
Yeah but, he was aimlessly swinging a toy gun in a department store.. that sells toy guns

'I appeal for calm ..' says the President.
An explanation will come

No case to answer
Back to work.. nothing to see here

Some say 'multiculturalism has failed
Our own Mayor of London calls it the balkanisation of our society.
Immigrant communities practicing their 'own 'cultures' in enclaves across Britain, across London.
Yet studies have repeatedly shown that as many of these immigrant families move into an area.. white families move out
Perhaps It's the case of reluctant immigrant vs bad host

So has multiculturalism really failed?
...did it ever really exist?

I say multiculturalism can work...
But works best if you have a strong 'national Identity'
If your national identity was founded on Empire and Imperialism.. it may require that you reconstruct that identity.
Multiculturalism can work
I believe it so
but its takes work
.. and whose job is it anyway?
It's everyones job.

This week I waited for the yeah buts....
But they never came

Good morning all .. and Happy Saturday x
Be good ...


  1. Multiculturalism is alive and well in Canada. (Touch wood.) It can work when people don't even think of others as "others". Not sure if that makes sense. I just know that I don't think about skin colour or nationality but what kind of person you are.

  2. I read that about Canada... and that's great. i like. I understand what you mean by the 'others ' statement'. Personally.. like you, the content of one character is important to me also.
    I'm not one of the colour-blind theorists though. I don't believe in it, or agree with it
    Its all happening this 'election year' huh