Thursday 15 January 2015

Common, John Legend - Glory

Ti thought it would be funny to stick this poster on my bedroom wall, as a 'home from work surprise'.
What he has done is... reminded me to get a lock for my door.

He said he wanted to remind me of my roots

Errr.. right.. o-kay Ti.
My name is Dawna... have we met?
Don't sign up for the comedy club

How times change.
I remember putting pictures of Biko and other Pan African leaders on my mums wall...
Ironically.. we uttered the same words.....
'take it down..'

I had a thought today.
If it were at all possible for the dead to turn in graves, African liberation freedom fighters must have done a full 360 by now.
Because we are witnessing ( despite some areas of growth and development ) the on going demise of the continent. The shift from a Pan African solution focused approach, ( Where have the Pan Africanists gone?...) to the selling of swathes of land to foreign investors, loss of focus, increased individualism...corruption... It's a sorry affair
The people cry....Africa, and Africans,, are selling out big time.
Interestingly, there are those who believe that life was better under colonial rule
Some Caribbean islanders e.g Jamaicans feel the same also ( occasionally) regarding thier Islands
Some feel the demise occurred at the point of 'independence'
Nationalism is the devil!.. some may say

Those people tend not to know the real story..
The colonial mind..for some.. for hard to shake.
I didn't grow up under colonial rule.

I sympathise in part with those who did..
But not so much that I can ever feel at ease with thier ignorance
Yet not everyone who grew up 'under siege'.. is inclined to that thought.
I appreciate, and am thankful to those who are not

Everything changes.. the world changes, the day Africa really gets its shit together'.. was my lunchtime thought.
It's beneficial for many.. that the continent and its people, remain unconscious

Princes and Kings.. Princesses and Queens,

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