Wednesday 28 January 2015

Brymo - Dear Child. Picture Story? - Mule Women.

I read this story yesterday. [click]

I remember a few years back meeting groups of women from a similar region. I remember wondering why they all spoke of having ailments of some kind.. until I heard thier about lives. In addition, a few mentioned abusive husbands.
In truth ( rightly or wrongly) I thought of thier husbands... as, Pigs.
When I walked away, I remember thinking. These hunched over women were 'beautiful' once.
Many were still in thier 40s!
I remember think also, how long it took for them to 'accept' me
I remember thinking...even with all your ailments, and crappy lives.. you still found the strength to display racism.

Crazy world

Women are not mules, and should never be used as such in my humble opinion.
The Guardian story speaks of many of these women losing thier jobs to men
my question is.. what the heck were the men doing before?
Smoking bong?
Lord have mercy


  1. Hi Dawna! It makes me so sad that women are treated like this in today's day and age...

  2. I think it's horrible that women are treated like this! Even animals shouldn't have to carry such heavy burdens.

  3. What are they carrying? Why must the load be so large?


    1. I've read that they are carrying goods to be sold in markets in Morocco, clothes household items, trinkets, fabrics.
      I wonder if someone just paid the women for the goods then used a van to take the stuff, the women wouldn't earn more?, and the van driver had a nice little business selling the goods also