Thursday 29 January 2015

Lutan Fyah - Best Set A Badmind Friend. Lutan in Interview, and a thought or two


Over the past few days my mind has considered the ways in which many of us across the world, have made pain and suffering a part of our culture/s. From mule women to child soldiers, to slum dwellers, to the practice of FGM..

A culture of suffering?

How many people have embraced the idea of suffering an an axiomatic requisite of goodness, purity, righteousness or faith?
How many of us feel powerless to change unfavourable situations that we feel have been inflicted on us, that we become perpetual victims of 'circumstances'.
How many continue to bend thier backs and endure more load, more weight, more hardship. Unaware that change is within thier grasp

Fighting back
It's said that necessity is the mother of invention.
Child soldiers it can be argued, were, and remain for some, and in some circumstances, a necessary resource, and a failure to exploit such a resource would have seemed foolhardy for those who stand to benefit.

To fight is a choice that we make. It's one which is made daily, hourly, moment by moment, just as peace, and to live peacefully, is also a choice
The thing with war is that it requires that you alternate your position from the attack to defense in the blink of an eye. Moral ground is lost as a result.
War will not end unless and until both parties decide enough. Either that, or one party is obliterated.
Humanity loses.
Ironically, those fighting are often unclear of the real reasons..
...are often fighting on behalf of others.. and in some cases, would rather not be fighting at all

A culture of suffering can become a culture of resistance.
of honour, dignity, quality, love, hope, unity, peace,
Just say no.
This shit is too heavy for me to carry. Lets find another way.
Don't believe me?
You carry it.

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