Monday 26 January 2015

Mothers & daughters pt 2. ft Wiz kid - On top your matter

I have a daughter.
She's amazing, beautiful, smart, talented, and all the things I could have ever wanted in a daughter.
However... during the teens and early 20's we fought like cat & dog.
We argued as she'd wear my clothes, I'd get upset, as they kept disappearing etc.. it was crazy..
Yet, somehow, it passed.
We grew up perhaps. ( to be fair, and looking back, we were both kinda young)
I didn't get it
.. a little inexperienced maybe
The love I have for my daughter is immeasurable

I remember the saying.. 'This too shall pass'
I think about me and my mum
.. and maybe it will, maybe it won't

I can honestly say.. I don't know
It's deeper than who's wearing whose clothes
The saying offers some comfort though...hope in the absence of my own
I'll take that for now


  1. It will pass Dawna. Life's too short. I have 4 sons in Scotland who haven't spoken to me in ten years. I watch their lives unfold on Facebook of all places. I awoke a few months ago and did my daily ritual of 'seeing what they were doing' - imagine my surprise at discovering one of them now lives here in the very State I live in, in Australia. I'm doing all I can to rebuild bridges, forge connections and put my love on open display...if it is shunned, of course it will hurt...but I will be comforted by the knowledge that 'I did all I could'. At the end of the day 'doing all you can' is as good as it gets.

  2. Thanks Rory
    ..and I hope your efforts are rewarded, and you reunite with your sons someday