Tuesday 6 January 2015

No 'Flat fish' thanks

My days with my mum have been interesting lately. We bickered.. end of last year
As a result I told her I didn't enjoy her Christmas day fish
Who eats Plaice on Christmas day?
We Caribbean or what?
It's as flat as a pancake!
Why you 'branching out' now
I blame Saturday kitchen.
Ti , just tucked into his turkey and laughed
I've been upset, shes been upset, we've had an intervention courtesy of my eldest brother calling me to tell me i'm the 'apple of mums eye, the 'favourite (I'm not btw, he is.. and my sister) and how I got everything they didn't blah blah
"Not true" I said "and besides that's no excuse..and age no hiding place for ignorance"..went off on a tangent .. "yeah yeah" he said.. "just call her"
So I did
Went to see mum again last night.. after all there's alot to discuss
My brother said my mum doesn't know me and after all these years I still don't know my mum either
We're talking more these days because I'm determined
My other brother said well done..

As she spoke to my friend over the phone my heart and eyes were pleading .. please lord.. curb that sharp tongue, please mum.. be nice!
Whilst she made some seriously dodgy comments in between that brought tears to my eyes...she started well, and ended well!
what's so weird is growing up my mum was as soft and mild as sweet warm butter
Anyway.. progress has been made.
Oy :)


  1. Could your mom be ill? Illness can change one's personality.


    1. I never thought of that. She seems okay. She has had a fair bit to deal with past few years so could be connected I guess.
      I just thought it was... I'veraisedmychildrenworkedhardallmylifeandamnowamoldenoughtospeakmymindwhetheryoubloodylikeitornot - itis
      in truth.. i hope so!