Thursday 8 January 2015

What's not being said...

It's not right to desecrate that which others hold dear.
Free speech is as confusing as it is interesting and necessary
But in truth, it works both ways and always comes with an element of responsibility

If a person inadvertently insults.. that's one thing.
But to set out to deliberately be insulting... just .. well... to be insulting, is a whole other kettle of fish.
It's wrong

Make no mistake. i don't condone what took place yesterday.
I'm very sorry about what took place in Paris yesterday. It's very sad indeed, and very frightening.
Our thoughts and prayers go to those who have been affected.

I remember many years ago being told it was a crime 'high treason' to deface English money

I also remember a few years back Abu Hamza being deported from the UK.. for allegedly 'speaking his mind outside a London mosque'

I really feel for journalists right now who are faced with violence of the threat of violence simply for doing thier job.
Yet, I am uneasy about it all.
I'm uneasy because politics politicians foreign policy and war, are possibly increasing the threat to the innocents
...and rarely are they honest with us
Do we really know what's going on?
Last night I began to watch the Al Jazeera Documentary 'Inside Kenyas death squads. '
I was too tired to watch it all, so I may watch the rest tonight.... perhaps.. (to be honest I may not) for when I realized that one key point that was being implied was that these 'squads' ( trained by Britain) were set up to shut up and get rid of, those who were deemed a problem...( permanently) It's worrying.
Not only is it a sad state of affairs, but it's also very hypocritical of Britain to insist that we maintain free speech here.. but clamp down on it elsewhere.

Last night I said to myself...
Dawna.. stop watching the news. No good can ever come of it!

I will always promote 'free speech'
..because I like to talk,
and it's a great way to learn about ourselves , others, and build understanding and peace, where previously there was none


  1. You raise valid points, Dawna! I'm a firm believer in the right to write or to draw satire, especially when it exposes hypocrisy in politics, religion, and society. So kudos to you for pointing out Britain's hypocrisy. I think it's worse when an entity acts "righteously" in one area and does the opposite in another. And I am an ardent supporter of free speech. The first thing any oppressor does is shut down access to thinking by silencing the thinkers and their works. Take a break for sure from the news! Have a great day!

  2. I've had a nice day today all things considered!
    I'm trying to stay away from the news today especially a certain newspaper that I often read - as I'm very disappointing in it today :)
    have a lovely evening Fundy!