Thursday 8 January 2015

An eye on the brides and the rich & famous

I decided to take a news hiatus

So, to unwind, I enjoyed a long conversation with Ti, then watched Four Weddings ( which truth is becoming an every day thing!) and then ...Big Brother.
Not just any Big Brother mind you.... the Celebrity one.
Celebs are actually very interesting people, at least there are times when I find them so.

To hear them speak of their addition problems , plastic surgery, relationships etc, makes you realize that many do live in a 'different world'.
It made me wonder.. what would your 'everyday person' buy, if money were no object.
Perhaps it depends on the industry you're in or the career you have.
If you're a model then perhaps you will spend money on maintaining your looks?
If you're a singer.. ( something for the inner turmoil?)
assuming of course that the inner angst exists

It has been a different kind of evening that's for sure
Well.. it's said that a change is as good as a rest


  1. You know I always wonder if I would really change my perception of things if I became richer and famous...
    I do not understand how these people can just manage to tune their minds to plastic surgeries, unnecessary addictions, etc
    It really beats my imagination tho

  2. I wonder if I would too Janyl...
    I guess whatever world we create for ourselves is where our focus will be.
    Sometimes I think that people are people with their own insecurities etc.. regardless..even when mega rich
    What i like about the show is you get to see and appreciate the human-ness and ordinary-ness of the celebs. Often , they're quite sweet