Thursday 22 January 2015

Mum raised a warrior.. and she never knew it

I had a horrible argument with my mum of all people.
The reason I was unable to hold back is because I can no longer tolerate certain unacceptable things .. from anyone.
Unfortunately, there are those who will take my kindness for weakness
Do so at your peril
There are also those who think, because i'm the youngest 'child'.. i'm spoilt, and will forever be 12 yrs old.
12yrs is not my age, but may be the number of sexual partners I've had.. all at the same time in the same bed. ( It's not true, but yeah .. that's what i should have said...that would have upset my mum to the max)

There was a time when if someone made a disparaging remark, or I felt I wasn't being treated with the respect I deserve I'd leave it.
Now?... ( If pushed far enough) i'll f'in let you know in no uncertain terms what I think.

But the fact that it's still on my mind is perhaps a message that I need to practice walking away again
or perhaps the moral of the story is.. don't underestimate me, and don't push me. Whoever, you are I'll tu'n you over.
I can , and will bite back.
.. but i'll smile.. if that helps at all
I'm too grown to let anyone take the piss
I'm gonna have to go see her today though. I can't leave things like that.
Upset as I was, and as upset as my mum was, I love my mum, and I know that my mum, does, love me. I just annoy her at times. ( In fact no, It's not that I annoy her, it's that she doesn't really understand me... we're different people)
The irony is, mid way in the argument, she said the she's a coward and i'm not.. so I ended up defending her, and reminding her of all the brave things she's done!.
You raised a warrior mum, and be proud that you did

My brother called me last night and told me to watch Crimewatch
then he text-ed me later.. 'I hope you're watching'
Somehow, I resisted the urge to tell him to ... 'f*** off you freak!'.
I just said.. 'No, i'm not watching.,.. but thanks... and enjoy
I've better things to do.. like sleep.
somebody somewhere is Crazy.. lord knows I hope it's not me


  1. As I'm growing older I'm standing up to my mother more and more, and actually, although I feel guilty I also feed empowered. No one wants to fall out with their parents, but no one should be a doormat either.

    1. yes, yes, and yes.. that's how I feel Joe

  2. Your mom should be proud of the woman she raised! We need more women who are not afraid to speak their minds. My mom used to say I was "stubborn". I prefer the word "determined".

  3. Being the youngest child in my family is horrible. My older siblings give me orders and act as if my birth was the worst thing that ever happened to them because our mom made them take care of me. It's a nightmare to be around them.


    1. I can relate, yes, I'm 'feeling you'

    2. I appreciate your understanding. Most people don't get it at all.

    3. No worries:)
      I think many 'last borns' will get it

  4. "But I'll smile.....if that helps at all"

    It does - a smile can be very disarming when tensions or emotions are high. It can also be infuriating lol. But it would be my first choice at letting someone know I'm making my point but 'don't hate you'.

  5. Good point Rory
    I smiled as I left that day. could be wrong but she seemed to smile back.
    .. i guess that was the .. me - i don't hate you'...
    ..mum ' ditto and i know' .. conversation