Saturday 24 January 2015

Sometimes you gotta just wrap up warm, and push on through. ft Donald - Crazy But Amazing.

Yippee.. made a great start today. I had to forgo class , but I sorted the cleaning of the downstairs windows, etc, and kept going for hours. Will resume my clear out tomorrow, but I'm feeling very motivated, and much better than I felt this morning. I even braved the cold and cleared the front yard up nicely. In fact.. the cold air, helped to keep me focused.
'Ha, there you go weather.. I bet you thought you had me beat!... no chance.. I was on the ropes.. but not down'

I'm feeling much better, balanced, and back on track.
I know I need to resume my fitness regime, get back to running again, if not that.. something else.


Well, well well....'Little man' began life as a Chelsea supporter


There has been a change!


Senegal to win the Africa Cup of Nations!


Happy Saturday x


  1. I think I may be needing some sort of fitness regime too Dawna - for the first time in my life I appear to have developed a stomach. Never had one before, it's disconcerting. Ahhh.....let your wee man know there's only one team in the UK - The mighty Partick Thistle :)

  2. A few sit ups should sort you right out Rory :)
    Lol!! Rory I had to Google Patrick Thistle.. who's that?!. I thought :)
    Thank you.. now I know , I'll never forget