Monday 26 January 2015


I miss 'girlfriends'
Those, sit on the bed evenings, talking about life and guys and stuff, dreams and ambitions..
I think I kinda shut down a bit.. needed a break from all that.
Also friendships can change, people move on. Family, commitments etc
But every so often.. it can be real nice.

I like guy friends as i'm a bit of a tomboy sometimes.. but that can get complicated ( if dey is cute)
The right girlfriends though, can bring something new to the table i think. its a different dynamic

Ultimately, male female or otherwise, a friend is a friend
and anyone with a true friend is fortunate indeed


  1. I miss girlfriends too Dawna - but mostly coz they've walked out on me for one reason or another lol.

  2. Lol!! Rory .. women huh!! :)