Saturday 17 January 2015

Weekend Wow Factor - Love Life and Football

The Africa Cup Of Nations starts today
Here are the group fixtures [click]
Hopefully we can get it on the BBC

Unfortunately Sierra Leone are out - so not sure who I'll support.

Sierra Leone football team

Maybe I'll support Guinea, as they've had a tough time with Ebola.. and because of the very pretty girl i met in Brixton a few months back. ( she was cool.. she inspired me actually, because she just up and left Guinea, came over here to be with her boyfriend, and got a job in under a week)

Let's have a look...okay group by group, i'll back....
Group A - Burkina Faso
Group B - DR Congo
Group C - Senegal
Group D - Guinea ( closely followed by Mali)

Overall, I think it's pretty open. Not even gonna say Ghana this time

Good fun.. bring it on...


I woke up this morning and the cold nearly killed me.
I couldn't believe how cold it was.
I'll get over it.. I'm still alive.
But I'll be was upsetting.

I had a dream last night so will follow though.
It will be my 1st day back at language class after the holidays, but I also need to buy a suitcase, and begin to pick up a few bits to go in it!

I think i'll do that after class, as I've had a bit of a late start, and housework requires my attention.
I intend for my sons to go buy paint, as we need to sort the place out, especially the children's room.
My mission today is to place some fire under butts to get them moving.
I'm currently watching Ti play video games as if it's not Saturday and nothing needs doing...
This young man seriously needs to travel. Needs to experience life outside of his very comfortable comfort zone for abit
I think it would be good for him.
I'll resist the temptation to cuss him and throw something at his krainium
I'll just get on with it, then make my demands along the way.
he has forfeited the right to discussion


Of all the songs at the moment I cant stop playing this one
It touched my heart
rarely would I post a song twice in the same week. But there's no law against it and if there is...
I just broke it

Call it my rebelious act of the day
2015?.. gotta perform at least 1
I love the musicality, words , melody, his delivery and the video


I don't think Goodluck Johnathan will be Nigeria's President much longer.
I think he will lose this up coming election
Nice man ( seemingly)
But ( in my opinion) way to soft
maybe it's a case of.. get tough.. or get better advisors

I was thinking about love yesterday
My thought was.. when someone really loves you... it's so easy to recognize those who don't, never did, and never could.
When someone loves you, and you love them, it's magical , amazing, and feels like the easiest thing in the world.
I feel so fortunate right now
Life is unlike anything I've ever experienced before
I love my fiance very much.

I spoke to one of his friends over the phone last night who made me laugh
He said he has a headache
I asked him why
he said ...'the rapid fire of your name...
It's all he talks about
dawna dawna dawna

I can't wait to see them all
Love ( like friendship) is either given, or withheld, freely
It's a choice
If one is ever fortunate enough to have either, it's best to cherish it, as it's absence.. is palpable
.. and the great news is.. new Ebola cases are down significantly and falling rapidly
thank god

AFCON coverage on British EuroSport 2
Fixtures [click]

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